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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Message Easter 2008

The Lord is risen. Hallelujah!

Just last Friday, with the crucifixion and death of our Lord Jesus, we faced seeming defeat, and darkness was over the whole land (Lk 23:44). Grief filled our hearts. Hope for a better future seemed gone.

Then yesterday everything was quiet. The frenzy of the other day had gone. Grief remained in our hearts. We contemplated what had happened, and we thought about what was to come. We took comfort in Jesus’ words about resurrection, about new life, about his deep love for us, that led him to offer his life on the cross. But still, he was gone.

But today … The stone has been rolled away! The tomb is empty! And the most incredible news: Jesus is risen! He is alive! He has been raised from the dead. And suddenly we remembered his words, that he would be crucified but rise on the third day (Lk 24:7-8). Still we were incredulous. Peter had to see for himself. He went home amazed at what had happened (Lk 24:12).

We too are amazed.

What great love God has for us, to sacrifice His own Son who died a horrible death, to redeem us from our sins! If God has done this for us, can we do less than offer back the totality of our life to Him?

What great power God has, to conquer death, darkness and Satan! If this is the God whom we serve, can anything, by His grace and power, be impossible in the mission He tasks us to accomplish?

What great mystery this has all been! I cannot begin to comprehend the height or depth of God’s workings among men. I am a wretched sinner, who sent Jesus to the cross. I repent in dust and ashes. I am unworthy. I am humbled.

But such is the greatness of God’s love. Jesus died for me, even when I rejected him. The Father wants to take me back to Himself, worm that I am. The Spirit empowers me to proclaim this good news of salvation in Jesus, even as I continue to sin and fail God.

Who is like thee, O Lord! Great and wonderful are you. And we are your servants. Our lives belong to you. We will serve you until the end of time.

The Lord is risen! Let all the earth, and the heavens as well, praise and glorify Him.

Happy Easter. God bless you all.


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