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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Truly, we have a merciful and faithful God. We also have a very loving and caring Mother in our Blessed Virgin Mary. Miracles still do happen today in our very midst. Our Lord continues to affirm CFCFFL with His miracles. As we continue to consecrate our community, our families and ourselves to Our Lady, She has also kept each of us cradled in her loving arms.
"Go back to Christ. Only Jesus can save you."

A lone gunman barged into the room and started shooting me. The first three shots missed me altogether but the 4th shot got me in the back and the bullet went out through my right armpit. The 5th shot hit me on my left leg, breaking my left femur. I could no longer move. I slumped on the floor when I saw the gunman walking very fast towards me and right before he shot me on the head, I called on our Lord and said, "Jesus, Mama Mary, I am sorry. Nagkasala ako but I still want to live". Then I heard the bang of the sixth shot. I also heard another "click" which was the gunman pulling the trigger again and discovering that he has fired the last bullet on my head. The gunman ran out.

Suddenly, I was enveloped in a very bright light and there was a scent of fragrant flowers. Suddenly, it was cool but not freezing. I felt no pain. I felt wonderful! The light was very bright but not glaring. Then starting as a haze, as my right eye was covered with blood flowing from the gunshot wound, slowly appeared before me was a woman and a man. They were about 3 meters away. They started to walk towards me. The woman was in front, holding the man by his arm, as if dragging him to come near me. She was wearing a long white dress and I recognized her to be Mama Mary. I looked at the man who had long hair and a beard and I recognized him to be Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Mama Mary looked at me straight in the eye and started to communicate with me without opening her lips. Jesus' head was turned away from me, as if refusing to look at me, like He was very upset with me. Mama Mary told me, "Magpakabait ka na, anak." She said this in such a very loving way that I truly felt Her love for me. I have never felt so loved before!

"Madami ka pang gagawin," she said.

"Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened for you."

"Go back to Christ". "Only Jesus can save you."

These were what she told me. She knew me. She knew all that I have done. She allowed me to look back at my life and realized all my sins.

I looked at Jesus and noticed the scar on the bridge of his nose. It was only when I saw the movie "Passion of the Christ" about 12 years later when I saw that he was hit right there on the nose. He was still not looking at me. He refused to look at me. He was so disgusted with me BUT He was there because His Mother brought Him there, Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, His own Mother, our own Mother.

They started to walk away from me to leave. I wanted so much to go with them. I called out, "Mama, sama ako", almost crying like a small child.

When I was with Them, there was no space, no time. I had a vision of my wife at that instance, inside our house cleaning. She was wearing cut-off shorts and a blue shirt (she later confirmed this), I called out to her but she could not hear me.

The time that I was with Them, most probably took only about earth 10 seconds. I realized that I was back on earth when some men carried me out of the house and into a car to take me to the hospital where I stayed for 15 days.

My wife and I were participants at a CLP at the time that happened. As soon as I was able, I continued with the CLP sessions and signed up to be CFC members. We continue now to be active members of CFC-FFL, totally dedicating our lives in serving the Lord and His Mother, Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Grace.

Contributed by:

Don Abarrientos
CFC-FFL, Kalookan District

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